We knew that buying used equipment or machinery can be a complicated process and that we had to redefine their communication patterns. As the automotive technologies advance, so did the consolidation, saturation and competition in the market dynamics and for this purpose, Pac and Copy had to channel out a way to target both dealers and customers in ways to make their decision phase much easier and without any complication.


We made sure to deliver quality content and aggressive online campaigns to integrate potential buyer touch points by educating them about purchasing used heavy machinery equipment or transportation and how easier it is to be able to finalize them. Through such content, we were able to upgrade the online customer experience for eQuip and drive out their sales in the long-run. Their on-site and off-site content was able to effectively increase awareness about their products through SME (subject matter expert) content based upon customer preferences and insights of the industry.


With a strong campaign backed by meticulous research and laser precision execution we were able to achieve a steady growth of 21.97% in traffic in the first couple of months. Even though we have had the client for only a couple of months, the web traffic, rankings and key metrics continue to grow at a steady pace.


We had to make sure that the industry customers of today have to experience new sales processes for diversified multiple categories which eQuip offers. We channeled out referral content programs to point out intelligent product suggestions to the target audience by seamless integration of online and offline channels. We also piloted new online concepts to influence their buying decisions through a multitude of different touch points. Dealers and customers began using that information about the products through an extensive variety of online sources such as websites, forums, blogs, referral programs and social media. They begin to gather information from these sources and compare offers and prices with other retailer networks. With their purchasing decision being influenced through our online channels; Pac and Copy is glad to report a 118% increase in their organic growth, 21.97% increase in their website traffic and 118% increase in conversions even after being in one of the single most competitive industries in existence.


By frequent visits on eQuip website, more and more customers and dealers began their fighting chance to purchase heavy equipment and machinery at best prices as we were able to keep customers and dealers well informed about the product categories which eQuip offered.