A client that was almost done and dusted came to us with high aspirations hoping that Pac and Copy would cast a magic spell and turn around the fate of his business and oh boy did we cast a spell on his rankings! Our goal was to alleviate their sale figures by giving simple fitness concepts to achieve the perfect hourglass shape body figure for women, although the process was not as simple as rocket science, but it allowed us to take the advice from fitness professionals and shape them into perfect blog articles which helped Hourglass to achieve their sales score.


By understanding market dynamics, we at Pac and Copy understood that people are more interested than just raising their hands kind of fitness routines; they need to be sure of the timelines which would take to help them tone their body shape and what kind of products are needed to make the process much faster as Hourglass Express was selling some of the best waist trainers, corsets, cinchers and shapewear in the fitness industry to flatten tummy and waistline for women who aren’t veryhappy about their body shape.


Hourglass Express has been optimized to achieve milestone after milestone in terms of both web traffic and sales, while conforming to industry standards and give excellent value for money.


Our marketing objective was simple; to try to sell to only those women who were interested to buy such products and so by clearly defining our target audience, we positioned Hourglass Express as a fitness resource for women with their ever-growing waist-lines, butt and arm shape. Our blog articles provided them with easy workout routines which they can perform while wearing such products to tone all of their troubled areas and get the hourglass silhouette which suited their body. We also focused upon starting a referral program for their products to increase their target audience and telling them about what Hourglass Express had to offer for them.


Not only did we manage to give Hourglass Express an increase of traffic by 95.47% but we also got them ranked on keywords that had 100,000+ search volume and that too on the top 5 keywords preferred by the client.