After a slow start in their sales figures, Sophie and Trey wanted to find new digital means to interact with consumers and bring their online store to them. The biggest challenge for Pac and Copy was to distinguish Sophie and Trey as a unique brand, in a competitive online retail industry. Knowing how saturated the market was, we had to think of out-of-the-box solutions for a brand that had absolutely no presence in the digital sphere.


After much research and market study, Pac and Copy knew that their cute outfits, dresses and style accessories were already influenced by consumers choices; they just had to hear and see it online. And thus Pac and Copy took to the task of increasing the web traffic for Sophie and Trey by propelling their western outfits and exceptional stylish clothing both on site and on social media through online interactive digital campaigns and posts. More compelling selling propositions were made to the consumers in order to target different shopping occasions and different consumer groups.


Pac and Copy knew to provide a digital multi brand experience for the consumers through its distinctive fashion attributes as well as the style commodities. However, with shoppers increasingly positive view of online channels to make trustworthy purchases, Pac and Copy now aims to expand more of Sophie and Trey’s online channels where search engines could play a direct role for finding a specific fashion product that the consumers are looking for.

Growing Globally

There was also a greater portion of growth in the web traffic of Sophie and Trey as it increased by many folds and its visitors are now up by over by 94.62% with a steady increase of 72.72% in their organic reach. The competition didn’t expect to see a single online fashion brand with such a growth potential in just a period of 6 months and have 203.49% increase in page views.  One of the main reasons of this digital success for Sophie and Trey was that it provided the convenience to consumers to visit such an urban boutique online and have its visibility to a wider audience. With a clear digital strategy to distribute its product offerings across multiple online channels in the most unique creative way and offer a unique blend of fashion choices on their websites as well as on other blogging websites.


There was a significant 74.56% increase in their revenue sales through mutually exclusive digital campaigns, affiliate blog articles and on-going digital sale campaigns.