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13 Feb 2017

Why Your Social Media Needs to be Managed by a Team of Professionals?

While it’s not a rarity to see many social media accounts being managed by individuals, the need and relevance of a dedicated team of skilled managers remain for many agencies, companies and even small to medium businesses. A team of social media managers bring various skills to the table ranging, from aspects including but not […]

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18 Jul 2016

Hashtags on Facebook: Do or Dont?

It wasnt until recently that Facebook introduced hashtags as an option for its users. New research shows that hashtags may not be as useful as we thought on a platform like Facebook, after all. For social media websites like Twitter and Instagram, users are more likely to click a hashtag and explore those posts. What […]

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11 Jul 2016

Not All Social Media is Created Equal

With the internet re-defining the way we all do business, using social media for our businesses is still not streamlined. More and more, companies are hiring out to marketing companies for them to handle their social media marketing for them, because it is a daunting task to learn all of the nuances. In order to […]

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