06 Feb 2017

How People Consume Content from Other Users

People in this digital age love to share their own content. Whether people are snapping a photo of the dinner that they made on Instagram, or are uploading a video that they edited to YouTube, users love getting feedback from other users. These kind of posts are called User Generated Content and it’s important to know how others are consuming and processing it.

A study shows that millennials are more likely to trust user generated content versus baby boomers. Previously, brands were the ones telling the consumer about their company. These days, other consumers are sharing their own experiences with specific companies.

In general, millennials are favoring Instagram, while baby boomers prefer to create their content on Facebook. Although each group favors different platforms and styles, both groups value user generated content, being that they can trust genuine feedback from users like themselves.

Brands are turning to this user-generated content and using it in their favor. By incorporating customer feedback and sharing it with other consumers, brands can sell their products and services through the voices of those who have already made the purchase. Depending on where your target market resides, and how they operate, will determine how your brand can be the most successful using User Generated Content to its advantage. Having your customers sell your product for you is a way for both the consumer and the brand come out on top.


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