Logo Design

LOGOS to symbolize creativity, simplicity and clarity


We blend a combination of different ideas and contrast elements so that your logo design itself becomes an ideology and shape the future of your business.


Every logo is designed with the idea that it achieves the perfect communication objective for your business and turn your vision into an actionable reality.


All logos created at Pac & Copy are user and viewer friendly to effectively communicate your business objective let your customers feel a positive vibe towards your business or brand.


Our team of designers and thinkers plan, outline, analyze, sketch and design logos to fit your business portfolio and needs, keeping in view the market trends to give your business the corporate image it deserves to build its identity and integrity.



Pac and Copy is a renowned digital agency with over a decade of experience of serving clients from different industries.

“We can’t say enough good things about P&C Plus Solutions. They have built the website for our e-commerce site from the ground up and the process has been seamless. They communicate with us constantly and respond quickly to our inquiries. They were extremely patient in dealing with our “novice” questions and helped us to learn a tremendous amount during the process. All of this is helped by the fact that they all have a great sense of humor so you will definitely laugh your way through the process and end up with “Something Beautiful.”

“The communication and patience is top notch. They respond to everything extremely fast and I can never seem to ask them a question they dont know or cant figure out within a short period of time. Communication is excellent and product is excellent.”

“Naveed and his team are highly efficient and an even more professional company! They helped me in creating the perfect logo and designing business cards and other marketing materials to jumpstart my new business! All of this happened quicker than I expected and their experience with this type of work showed tremendously. I would recommend his team to anyone!”

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