Web development and its supporting pillars are the cornerstone upon which Pac and Copy rests its reputation for quality services. Our dedicated planners and project managers come together to form a formidable team, setting unprecedented standards.


Responsive Design is a major breakthrough that has been introduced and widely practiced in the web design industry. Catering to the designing needs of different viewpoints and making your website fluid enough to adapt itself, making it user friendly.


The most popular eCommerce platform on the web. You now can create your own shop and make your customers easier to approach store.


Your website will become brighter with big and beautiful pictures, simple effects but equally smooth with modules slideshow.


Unleash your true potential and make your website into an aesthetic masterpiece with responsive designing, sliders, amazing designs and a whole lot more to get those conversions you always wanted! Your website will be cross platform and will work fluidly on every browser! What more can you want! Work with us today!


You love attention, dont you? Your website also has a feel to it and it also wants attention! Your website is an embodiment of what your vision is! You dont want to look outdated and clumsy! Work with us to get the latest in website design and a whole lot more we offer!


No need to worry now whether you want to add more pages or bring newer components into your drop down menus. Pac & Copy provides you with web design services that can be edited as many times as you want after the website have been developed.

Optimized for Conversions!

We optimize your site for maximum lead conversions and inculcate calls to action at strategic point meant to garner maximum user attention.

Fast & Responsive:

Pac & Copy comes equipped with the best designers and coders on board that make sure your website has the least down time and is bug free. Responsive websites that are fluid is our forte which gives off the best Uex in the web design industry.

Front & Back End Security:

We value security very highly and understand that your and your clients data is sensitive, we protect your valuable information from outside attacks and any coding anomalies that might seek to arrest the system.

Optimization for Ecommerce:

Our web design is great for building websites that are immersed in ecommerce, providing responsive UI and customer support integration to help you make the most out of your venture!

Cross Platform smoothness:

We design websites that are highly responsive and provide for UI that makes for easier loading amidst different browsers; your website will be equally fluid whether you open it up on Chrome or Mozilla or on your powerful smartphone!


One of our recent clients, we gave them a complete overhaul in terms of website design and created for them a unique website that catered perfectly to their needs of being an online marketplace for machinery & equipment. Their website is now highly responsive which makes it gain much more user attention and retain it for a longer amount of time than it was being done previously. Equip is now going great guns in terms of user traffic and Pac and Copy is with them at all points to provide constant support & backup to ensure things are up and running all the time!
Sophie and Trey
This client has been with us for a pretty long period now and our long relationship is proof of the designing capabilities in terms of astounding web design by Pac & Copy. This online boutique was given a great boost after it acquired our services. A great responsive web design and our constant collaborations with Sophie & Trey enabled it to nearly double its sales over a very short period of time. We are constantly at it to gain even more mileage for this amazing client!
Wishing Trunk
Our collaboration with the Wishing Trunk is quite new and the trust it has put into us speaks volumes about our immense dedication towards our clients and the success we have acquired providing amazing web designing services to our clients. It gave us a website which was not living up to the potential of the products it was providing. Pac & Copy gave them a great website to make its products more visible and enhancing the way they are perceived by clients. Their success is testament to the fact of how amazing our web development holds out across different platforms, enabling a fashion website to sell more and make us reach even newer heights through their success!



Pac and Copy is a renowned digital agency with over a decade of experience of serving clients from different industries.

“We can’t say enough good things about P&C Plus Solutions. They have built the website for our e-commerce site from the ground up and the process has been seamless. They communicate with us constantly and respond quickly to our inquiries. They were extremely patient in dealing with our “novice” questions and helped us to learn a tremendous amount during the process. All of this is helped by the fact that they all have a great sense of humor so you will definitely laugh your way through the process and end up with “Something Beautiful.”

“The communication and patience is top notch. They respond to everything extremely fast and I can never seem to ask them a question they dont know or cant figure out within a short period of time. Communication is excellent and product is excellent.”

“Naveed and his team are highly efficient and an even more professional company! They helped me in creating the perfect logo and designing business cards and other marketing materials to jumpstart my new business! All of this happened quicker than I expected and their experience with this type of work showed tremendously. I would recommend his team to anyone!”

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