Giving a dynamic and interactive touch to human experience on the web. Our social media campaigns establish a loyal clientele base and fishes for potential customers strategically.


Our team produces the most original and cost-effective content that brings not only huge traffic, but the right traffic.


With captivating content, comes engaged customers. Well help you turn those engaged customers into sales.


It takes 1/10th of the cost to sustain customers than to get new ones. Our social media respondents take this very seriously and are present 24/7.


We specialize in creating content thats inherently viral, providing an economical way to expand customers online.


Expand your reach and engage with your target audience with captivating content from our dedicated team of talented professionals.


Partner with us to experience unprecedented social media presence.Our social media campaigns help establish a loyal customer base through engaging and captivating content.

Social Media Strategy

We aim to create a social media strategy that works for you. Every social media strategy is custom-tailored and centered around your brand, its goals and your target audience.

Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring the repute, the sentiment and satisfaction of your customers is vital for any social media campaign.

Reporting and Analysis

Without stats and analytics to back up the claims, there’s really no way of telling how effective and efficient your social efforts are moving towards the prime objective and are aimed at the right direction.

Social PPC

Need to increase your profitability and presence online? We’ll develop a concrete and conversion oriented Social PPC campaign for you that is aimed at meeting your KPIs and targets.

Creative discussion

We are firm believers of the fact that social marketing and creativity is a two way process and we like to get our clients involved as much as possible and integrate our social expertise with their ideas.

Social tone and nature

From exceptional and unified customer service to answering queries on social media on your behalf, we focus on keeping a unified social tone across all social media platforms.


Having only recently started the campaign for eQuip, We at pac and Copy have been able to achieve phenomenal results. A strong campaign backed by meticulous research and laser precision execution enabled us to achieve a steady growth of 21.97% in traffic in the first couple of months. Even though we have had the client for only a couple of months, the web traffic, rankings and key metrics continue to grow at a steady pace. Pac and Copy is also glad to report a 118% increase in organic growth even after being in one of the single most competitive industries in existence. 21.97%% INCREASE IN WEBSITE TRAFFIC 118% INCREASE IN CONVERSIONS
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Sophie and Trey
Sophie and Trey has been one of the oldest clients of Pac and Copy, we started out our digital marketing department with this client and are proud to report a significant increase in numbers over multiple key metrics. Web traffic for Sophie and Trey has increased by many folds and its visitors are up by over 94.62% along with a steady increase of 72.72% in organic reach. 203.49% INCREASE IN Page views & 74.56% INCREASE IN REVENUE
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Hourglass Express
A client that was almost done and dusted came to us with high aspirations hoping that Pac and Copy would cast a magic spell and turn around the fate of his business and oh boy did we cast a spell on his rankings! Not only did we manage to give Hourglass an increase of traffic by 95.47% but we also got them ranked on keywords that had 100,000+ search volume and that too on the top 5 keywords preferred by the client.
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Pac and Copy is a renowned digital agency with over a decade of experience of serving clients from different industries.

“We can’t say enough good things about P&C Plus Solutions. They have built the website for our e-commerce site from the ground up and the process has been seamless. They communicate with us constantly and respond quickly to our inquiries. They were extremely patient in dealing with our “novice” questions and helped us to learn a tremendous amount during the process. All of this is helped by the fact that they all have a great sense of humor so you will definitely laugh your way through the process and end up with “Something Beautiful.”

“The communication and patience is top notch. They respond to everything extremely fast and I can never seem to ask them a question they dont know or cant figure out within a short period of time. Communication is excellent and product is excellent.”

“Naveed and his team are highly efficient and an even more professional company! They helped me in creating the perfect logo and designing business cards and other marketing materials to jumpstart my new business! All of this happened quicker than I expected and their experience with this type of work showed tremendously. I would recommend his team to anyone!”

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