123HomeCare - Taken care of.

We created a conversion centric website for 123HomeCare keeping in mind their unique needs to be the go to home care service in Los Angeles. Through an in depth analysis and keywords research, we chose the perfect 569 keywords that lead to amazing rankings.

Measured Success


The website's organic traffic increased by over 76% in 6 months.


Within the first 6 months, the website's new visitors increased by 72%.


The cost of each lead generated fell by 53%, further enhancing profits.



Decrease in cost per click


123HomeCare's conversion rate spiked to 85% in 1 year.

Enhanced Added Value

For 123HomeCare, we created an online space for them that didn’t feel like a medical care unit but a home for elderly where they are treated with love. The digital age brought potential for success to all those who master its dynamics and that’s the edge we gave to 123. A fresh looking site was made with a great UI and UX making it easy for their older customers to understand and navigate. Powered by the blog, the website is valuable to not just people looking for the service but also for the general audience. A pleasant experience on the website resulted in higher visitor retention propelled by smart PPCs that made 123 the Home Care the choice for L.A.

Initially, 123HomeCare had 17 keywords that were ranked on search engines. Upon the initiation of their relationship with us, that number skyrocketed to 569 in a matter of a few months. We still felt it was not enough so we put our expert blogging team on the mission to enhance the health entity’s presence. 123HomeCare was featured on wellness.com and lifehack.org, in addition to over 50 different high quality blogs that have featured them. The result? exponential and tangible success.