Optimization of Centra Care Florida

Keywords of “Urgent Care Hospital Florida” became SEO glory for our client as it showed them on the top of the search on Google after our relentless efforts in content marketing, PPC and website SEO optimization. In addition to Centra Care identifying its audience, we helped the entity convert them into paying customers.

Measured Success


The website experienced an astonishing 302% organic growth in just 6 months.


Not only was traffic multiplied, the conversion rate spiked to 88% in 1 year.


The cost per lead generated plummeted by 51% in 1 year.



New territories added to target market


Centra Care's click through rate
grew 44% in one year.

Enhanced Added Value

With the 3 Centra Care brands under the hood, we delivered SEO success and smartly executed PPC ads that performed staggeringly. But through that, we directed the right attention to the perfectly done website which we created to suit the client’s special customer base. Their off shoot in pediatrics Centra Care Kids was given SEO services with 699 keywords attributed to it and their website, CentraCare.org, gained 891 keywords on Google Index.

We knew that when it comes to health care the specialized knowledge that our client had would only help to better their great prospects.  Which is why a CMS blog was built within the fast and smooth working site. The blog serves as a great content asset to amplify SEO efforts for the client. Keywords ranked for Centra Care initially were only 58 but that changed fast. 6 months in our partnership, Centra Care Florida was ranked with 7,500 organic key words on the internet.  Our relentless efforts carried out resulted in 80% increase of organic traffic with an overall increase of 24% for Centra Care.