Evolution of eQuip

Our partnership with eQuip just started but it’s already reaped phenomenal success as we correctly identified the challenge in communication that they were facing due the nature of the product; buying used equipment and machinery. Market dynamics have changed with the advancement of automotive technologies, and due to the consolidation, competition, and saturation, we at Pac and Copy had to figure out a way to target both the dealers and the customers and present them with a platform that could make their decision-making process easier.

Measured Success


In its first year with us, eQuipsellsit.com's sales conversation rate increased by 64%.


Following strong presence building and marketing, the website reported an increase of 95% in new visitors.


Not only maximizing traffic and revenues, we also minimize expenses. eQuipsellsit.com's cost per lead generated decreased by a staggering 71%.



New territories added to target market


eQuip's click through rate
grew 26% in one year.

Enhanced Added Value

Due to the high amount of traffic, and the vast number of products offered, eQuip needed a centralized system to handle all the data, queries, and product details. So we made a human-centric customer relationship management platform which was an arduous task but done as smoothly as ever; the end result was a sleek and easily usable CRM system.

We wanted more changes that would not only add value, but distinguish eQuip in its industry which ultimately resulted in the running of simultaneous multiple marketing campaigns across the entire spectrum of digital channels.

Developing a dealer portal to increase the number of listings on the website was how we pushed our limits. With the increase in listings, we also saw a massive rise in traffic and in the number of five-star reviews for equipsellsit.com.

While equipsellsit.com may be an online brand, we didn’t just leave it there; a monthly magazine was launched with an outreach of over 25,000 issues that has helped contribute massively to building a strong brand identity and presence all over the country.