SEARS - Printed with Precision

We employed the most streamlined solutions in the country for Sears that allowed us to stand out as one of the few print services that carry out customized ‘same to next day turnarounds’, without any the hidden rush fee or fast delivery surcharge. Through his efficient method we reduced our working time by 300% which lets us have the joy of sharing the saved expenses with our clients.

Measured Success

50,000 prints

100 sets of 500 cards were delivered!

Just 1 week

Turnover was cut down from 3 weeks to 1. With delivery time included.


300% reduction was achieved in order completion time!



The printing process was moved to the nearest fulfillment centers ensuring the fastest delivery ever.


Sears cost per print
reduced by a drastic 24%.

Enhanced Added value

For Sears, we streamlined our operations to provide for them a service that was evolved right from the first stage of the project till the point of delivery. We carried out this process of streamlining to satisfy the schedules of our customers and thus we innovated and changed the way we used to work. The initial printing process, from ordering until delivery, took 3 weeks to complete, causing a dry spell if the client ran out of their important print materials like visiting cards in that time. By implementing the new process, our turnaround time has been cut down (by 300%) to a week, making the process fast, efficient and smooth.

This way, we delivered around 50,000 visiting cards for Sears along with banners and standees especially for their HR department. Earlier, the movement of the order started from one location, from where it was mailed all over the country. Now we have devised a specialized technique to make our deliveries faster than ever.

Today, all orders are now printed closest to the delivery destination which has minimized the costs while maximizing efficiency and speeding up the process exponentially. We continue to innovate and experiment to progress with uninterrupted efficiency and ease for our clients.

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