Making Facebook Work for You

Making Facebook Work for You

By admin Posted in Social Media On Mar 13, 2017

Facebook is a wonderful resource since all ages are logged on at any time. It’s a great place for anything topical, which can be used to your advantage when jumping in to be a part of the conversation. Take a look at some of these great brands and their Facebook marketing strategies below to see how they make the ever-changing world of Facebook work to their advantage.

The brand Always released a campaign which shed light on their products in a new way. Instead of playing into the stereotype that women on their periods are weak, they re-imagined the insult “like a girl” to show how strong women, young and old, are.

With great timing, HBO has been creating mobile videos for its Facebook page marketing all of their original shows specifically to women. While shows like Game of Thrones and The Sopranos have statistically drawn a larger male audience, HBO knows that its leading women characters of those shows and others like Girls and Sex and the City are important. In the video advertising, HBO highlights how strong and important their women characters are which is highly topical right now with the current political administration in the United States.

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Behind every great woman is another woman.

Posted by HBO on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Behind every great woman is another woman

On the Fitbit Facebook page, instead of videos, you will find blog posts relevant to their brand. While they aren’t directly marketing their products on their blog posts, the message they are sending through their blogs are directly introducing health-minded viewers to their website.


The audience of Facebook is always changing, as is the entire world of social media. The wonderful thing about social media is that the users determine what the website will be, opposed to the traditional structure of a website where the creator determines the content. Because of the ever-changing nature, it’s important to have a solid understanding of how to make Facebook work for you.