How to Rock Your Social Media Engagement

How to Rock Your Social Media Engagement

By Danielle Kosanovich Posted in Featured,Online Media On Apr 12, 2016

Social media is increasingly becoming more and more relied on by both businesses and consumers alike. What do the users of social media hope to gain from their profiles? Engagement. Users want to not only engage with their friends and family, far and wide, but they also want to engage with their favorite, trusted brands.




    • Content

Quality content is the basis of all social media posts. If you have a post that your viewers can gain something from, then youve got a great base for growing your social media from there. Without valuable information, theres no reason for viewers to become engaged or follow along.

    • Visuals

A great graphic or image along with a quality post will really draw the eye to the post. Instead of being quickly scrolled past, a great image might have the viewer stop and take the time to engage in the post. Visuals are an important way to catch the eye of a potential follower.

    • Network

Find the audience that you want to engage with. This is easier said than done, and it does require hours of research. However, once you find them, you can start bringing them to your content. A great example of this is to utilize hashtags on social media. If your brand is food and beverage related, there are great hashtags on Instagram that are used for cooking and dining shots. Finding these hashtags and using them are a great way to bring the viewers to you.

    • Respond

Once youve created and maintained a new network of followers, interact with them. In order to retain new followers, keep them coming back by responding to their comments. Theyve taken time out of their day to connect with you, make sure to connect with them as well. You can even ask creative questions within your posts in order to give those viewers a reason to comment.

    • Authenticity

It is important to be true to your brand, or true to yourself when posting on social media. Think of the profile as an extension of yourself, and youre putting yourself or your brand out there. How do you want the viewers to interpret you? If you want to be known for having an honest and wholesome brand, avoid any dramatic topics and focus more on positivity. Its important to be deliberate and intentional when posting, so that the viewers can get a true sense of the authenticity behind the brand.

    • Reliability

Stick to a schedule that your followers can rely on. It will take time and effort to find the best time to post for your own particular viewers. If you find that you get the most engagement in the morning when your viewers are having their coffee or on their commute, be sure to have a post across your platforms ready to go first thing in the morning. Over time, you may notice that your Instagram followers engage the most in the morning, but your Facebook followers engage the most in the afternoons. Make a point to have the Facebook post scheduled for the afternoon when your posts will get the most views, and potentially more engagement.