Why Your Social Media Needs to be Managed by a Team of Professionals?

Why Your Social Media Needs to be Managed by a Team of Professionals?

By noreen gulwani Posted in Featured,Social Media On Feb 13, 2017

While it’s not a rarity to see many social media accounts being managed by individuals, the need and relevance of a dedicated team of skilled managers remain for many agencies, companies and even small to medium businesses.

A team of social media managers bring various skills to the table ranging, from aspects including but not limited to creative conceptualization, technical knowledge, communication and marketing skill, content creation, writing, photography and project management.

Many people paint the picture of a social media job being very hip and fun but there are actually numerous efforts and exhaustive tasks that a Social Media Executive has to do every day.  Some tasks that go unnoticed are checking and replying to client emails, be in touch with industry related news, reply to incoming social media posts, research and conceptualize weeks before starting a campaign, analyze the statistics of performance and writing weekly/monthly reports.

However, before you go ahead and hire a team for your social media, which a step that should be taken with much understanding, you need to be able to tell them what your needs are. Professional social media managers expect and appreciate when a company has a clear understanding of why do they need social media management so that they can give the right services to further the company’s objective.

When you assess your situation you will be able to give specialized knowledge and insights to the professionals about your budget, resources, brand voice and a well-defined and clear objective.  If you already have designs, photographs and other materials available then you might not need those services and that would lower your budget, but a professional will be able to align them properly with everything else like company identity, marketing and communication style.

Looking at your specific needs a professional will tell you how social media can help your business and what methods would be the most feasible. Today, the usage of social media has gone beyond marketing and instead it’s being used for customer service, building community, public relations, and much more. A social media professional will be able to explain what some of these can mean to your businesses and how to make them work.

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Community Building
  3. Traffic
  4. Public Relations
  5. Lead Generation
  6. Social listening and research
  7. Revenue
  8. Engagement
  9. Customer Service

These factors serve as some KPI (Key performance indicators) determinants which can help you budget your social media campaigns and evaluate their performance. A nonprofessional wouldn’t know anything about these and the steps required to instill them in your social media strategy while a professional would help to draw a plan of action to attain these deliverable indicators.

Additionally, when you hire a team of social media professionals you will be requiring some of these many specialized skills which an amateur will struggle to fulfill.

Content Creation is a specialized skill required in creation textual, pictorial and graphical content for your social media channels in forms of posts, blogs, captions, images, and videos. Some of these also work as designers for the team. Content creators need to be well versed with the industry methods of communication, have a creative spark and a good sense of aesthetics; something hard to find in one person.

Community Management is focused on engagement and making connections with the audiences and customers. A few of the many responsibilities within this are keeping an eye and ear out for relevant conversations, checking and replying to comments and inquiries, and now organizing digital social media events like Facebook live sessions or Twitter Chats. Community managers play the role of company’s official face as they manage the relationship with your followers and biggest advocates.

Advertising on social media has almost become a necessity today for brand’s who want to be noticed in the digital world. Paid adverts on channels like Facebook and twitter need to be managed by an advertiser along with having quantitative skills to best make use of different ad types, analyzing their results and refining the campaigns for increased ROI.

While many other roles like analysts, designer, and strategist can be combined together bigger companies would benefit more with having separate team members with the professional skills that are a need to foster the most important social media goals of the company.