The Mistakes You’re Making in Content Marketing

The Mistakes You’re Making in Content Marketing

By Danielle Kosanovich Posted in Featured,Marketing On Jan 23, 2017

Businesses these days are creating free and useful content across multiple internet platforms. From blog posts to social media profiles, a company’s brand has never had this many options for getting their content out there. But what is your content marketing saying about you?

Viewers know when they are being pitched to

If you are going to include a sales pitch within a blog or social media post, offer compelling and useful information before doing so. Leaving the pitch for the end of the post, after all of the tips and content, allows the reader to benefit before being sold to.

Think of your target audience

While there are posts out there that please the masses, you can have success more often with a refined approach. Who is your target audience? What content do they want to see? Create content specifically for your audience, and you’ll be speaking their language.

Be professional

If your target audience is teenagers, then you want to create content like a teenager, right? Not quite. All content must be written by professionals and reviewed by professionals. Improper grammar and poor quality photos may seem like miniscule details, but it’s those details that your customers will notice.  Having a cohesive look across all of your social media profiles and all images that are used is equally as important when it comes to professionalism.

Have a reliable schedule

. While it’s important to not be predictable with your content, you do want to be predictable with your schedule. If your brand is known for Wedding Cake Wednesday or Quotable Tuesday, be sure to stick to that. It’s that kind of dependability that shows your customers that they can rely on you, from beginning to end.

Drowning your viewers with quantity

will only exhaust them. We already suggested a regular schedule when creating and sharing content. However, there is such a thing as too much. Posting a lot of varying content too frequently is definitely over load for viewers. This same rule can be used within the content itself. Do not drown your blog readers with mass amounts of text. Give them paragraph breaks and visual texture, including typographical devices, images, and links.

Lastly, if you aren’t sure where to start, you can always start by reaching out to the Pac and Copy Plus team.