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Whether you own a business, or work for one, everyone suggests that you create a Facebook page for that brand. We all know that its important to curate a variety of different social media profiles, and to use them differently. But, do you know why your team should focus on the Facebook page? Facebook has been around a long time, but its offering perks for your brand that you may not even realize are there.

Why Your Brand Need a Facebook Page

Facebook is the Most Popular Social Media Site
In the beginning, Facebook was only for colleges. Slowly, they allowed high school students, and now, anyone with an email address. Facebook is a site comprised of many generations, across the generational map. Other social media sites tend to have a specific demographic that utilizes it the most. Instagram is mainly used by Millennials, and Snapchat is used by the younger generation right behind Millennials. By using Facebook for your business, youre getting your brand in front of a huge variety of customers.

Facebook Produces the Best ROI

Facebook Produces the Best ROI
Many businesss find it important to be on all of the social media channels, even new ones as they launch. It can be very time-consuming to keep on top of all of these channels. The one social media that businesses shouldnt overlook: Their Facebook page.

Facebook pages have proven to produce the best ROI (Return on Investment) for brands. Facebook has not ignored its place in the world of business; its been growing its revenue streams for brands regularly. By not being on Facebook, youre giving your competitors a leg up in the competition.

Connect with Businesses on Facebook

Consumers Expect, and Prefer, to Connect with Businesses on Facebook
There are three social media profiles that consumers expect a business to have: Twitter, Instagram, and, of course, Facebook. While Twitter is great for giving customer service, and Instagram is wonderful for showcasing the products or services that your brand offers, Facebook can offer that, and more. Facebook has a review system for customers, and customers can comment directly on the page, or privately message the brand, while also commenting on posts about their products or services. For such a variety of interaction that Facebook offers, your brand should be engaging with consumers regularly on this platform.